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Question About Electric smoker

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I was woundering what the best way to keep the temp steady.
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I use a ecb with a 1000 watt hot plate-I use a thick moveing blanket wrapped around it to get to 225-I have also added lava rock around & on top-seems to help also.
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For my little lectric, I ensure that I always have water in the pan and try to not lift the lid to much to "check" on the meat. Make sure that you buy a thermometer that you can keep in the meat at all times and can se the temp without lifting the lid or opening the door. I have a remote therm so that I can se the temp wherever I am at.
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Thanks for the information
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Have you ever thought of wiring in a thermostat?, that is if you are having a hard time keeping the heat from too hot...
Just another ideabiggrin.gif
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MAke a wind break..........That will help alot.......The thermostat is a good idea too.........I made one using the thermostat from an electric frying pan.............
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Wiring in a temperature controller works well if you are having trouble keeping the temp steady when the unit is in need of maintaining temp.

If wind is your issue a wind block is the answer

For keeping temp steady after opening the door then the use of a water pan or fire bricks will help.

If outdoor temps are too low like here in Michigan then moving to Florida will helpicon_lol.gif
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I have a MES that I bought at Sam's club, it really keeps the temp stable.
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