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First Time Country Style Ribs

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Looking for some advice for a noon smoke tomorrow... Meijer had Country Style Ribs on sale so I bought up a couple packs. I have never smoked ribs so I am looking for times/advice on temp, etc...... I put a mild rub on it tonight and tomorrow after it cooks I am going to use Jeffs BBQ sauce to cover them. Anyone that can give me times/temps/advice I would greatly appreciate.
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Country style ribs aren't really ribs. Mostly, they are chunks of pork shoulder; however, I have a local meat man that cuts them from the loin back making them more akin to a pork chop.

Do you know which style you have?
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I just tried my first "Country STyle Ribs" last week..
Smoker set to 225, ribs rubbed night before, cooked 2-1-1, sprayed with Applejuice 2 parts - Bourbon 1 parts every 45 min.. mopped for the last 30 min with BBQ..
Flavor was great, but they were a bit tough.. think they cooked too fast..
Good luck and let us know how they are!!
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What internal did you get for a finish?

I usually just go to 160 internal on country style and serve them as a whole piece.
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cookie, I believe it was 165.. now you got me wondering... a few of them were tender, but the rest were tough... I did not probe each of them.. Some were probably over that even.. I guess they seemed to cook so much faster than I thought they just go t away from me.icon_sad.gif
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I just smoked two racks today. I had the smoker at around 210 for the entire smoke. I put a roasting pan full of apple juice in the bottom of the smoker. After 3 hours I wrapped them in foil and sprayed them with apple juice. After 2 more hours, I unwrapped them until they got to 168. They were delicious.
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Did you wrap in foil? Mine were far from tough.

Froman, you were doing spares, not country style.
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Flash, I smoked for 2, then wrapped for 1, then pulled foil for another 1.
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I usually do them indirect in my Weber 22.5, and it typically takes an hour to an hour and half to get to 160.

When I've done them in my BGE at 250 or so, it took me a little over two hours to get them to 160.



Loin backs from the Weber:

The loin back country style cook much faster.

The four and five hour times for country style just seems way to long to me unless your cuts are much bigger than those I am cooking.
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I was tempted to do pull them out of the foil for a half hour, but did not do so. Maybe that dried them out alittle too much and toughen them up ??

Camp Cookie, I always use to grill these ribs too, but you can smoke them as long as you don't over do it. Mine were ultra tender.
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Here are some pics: Just going On:
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And in the end with Jeffs BBQ recipe everyone was impressed... Too much fat for me, so next time I will try a different rib. But, very pleased with the results!!!

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