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Brisket and fattie - Qview

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Today i decided to try a brisket and see how it turns out.

7.5 pound brisket

sprinkled with rub, wrapped and in the fridge overnight

Since I figured I'd be up bright and early to start the smoker, I thought I'd get throw a fattie in for breakfast too. Kind of an inside out farmer's omelette. It has a couple strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, O'brien potatoes and a cheddar/mozzarella mix.

rolled out ready for mix, bacon and eggs in the background

piled high with fillings

rolled up and ready to smoke

in the smoker early this morning. TBS?

fattie fresh from the smoker

sliced and ready to eat. It was quite tasty.

Now I'm just waiting on the brisket. It's been stuck at 152 for about 2 and a half hours now. Hopefully it'll break that plateau soon. I'll post some pics when it's done.
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Phattie looks GOOD!! I just put 2 phats in the smoke...5:10pm.. nuttin' fancy
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Awsome looking fatty! How do you get them so tight? I use wax paper and it works OK but that is one perfectly rolled fatty.
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Nothing special, I just put the sausage in between two pieces of clingwrap, then press it out to a uniform size. Pull the top piece off and add the filling. On this one it had so much filling that I had to put the second piece back on and smash it down so it'd roll right, but usually I don't have to. Then I just take the bottom piece of clingwrap and start to fold/roll the sausage over, once it's folded over, I pull the wrap back a couple inches and continue rolling it until it's the right shape. Then fold the wrap back over it and smooth everything out. Pinch the ends and twist the wrap to make the ends nice and tight.
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That Rocks! Thanks Pit! I will definitly try on my next stuffed fatty. I never had a problem rollong them but they never turn out quite as round as I would like.
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The fatty looks great !!! Keep us updated on the brisket, are you slicing or pulling it?
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looks great-good pics also.
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Thanks everyone! I can't wait to try the brisket, basting it every hour is making me drool it looks and smells so good. It's been in going on 8 hours now, figure at least 4 more to go. It's broken the plateau and is up to 168 and rising slowly. I haven't decided on the pulling or slicing yet. Probably pull it, but maybe slice some of it. We'll see once it's done.
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Well here's the pics of the brisket, I didn't get around to posting them last night.

It turned out a lot drier than I expected. I suppose probably because I didn't foil it? I just let it run to 195, then took it out and wrapped it in foil and let it rest for about an hour. It seemed kind of strange, in that it was almost like it hit a second plateau at 192, where it stalled and even cooled back down to 190-191. After about half an hour it started rising again and when it hit 195 I took it out. I was basting it every hour with an apple juice + butter mixture. I never flipped it, so maybe that was part of it too. Next one I'm going to do I'll wrap it.

Anyway, here's the pics.

just after resting

a couple slices

all sliced up
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It looks good. As for the temp, since you sliced it, I would have taken it out at 185 and let is rest in foil for 30 minutes. If you want to pull it, take it out at 195.

If you catch any of the juices, you can add those back to the meat (especially pulled) and then mix it up.

Here's a picture of 2 small briskets I did yesterday:

These guys plateaued at 140. Once they hit 160, I put them in foil with a mop of Italian derssing. Once they hit 185, I took them off and let then rest for 30 minutes.
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Brisket still looks really nice as does they fattie - i like the idea of some chopped potateo's in there too.

May i ask if you used the water pan in the smoker when you cooked the brisket? So how long roughly did the 7.5 pd brisket end up taking too pls?
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PitRow - the fattie and brisket looked really good. Thanks for posting the q-vue and also the quick tutorial on how you rolled your fatty. I've yet to try one and your instructions make it sound really simple.

Happy smoking!! icon_lol.gif
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Mmmm, those look great PitRow and Abelman!
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Well the plan was originally to pull it, but it turned out so dry that it was tough to pull and easier to slice, so I did that. BTW yours looks excellent!

Well, I had been using a mixture of water and apple juice in the water pan, but the last hour or two I forgot about it and it completely dried out. I think that didn't help with the dryness either. As for time... let's see, I put it in around 10am and I pulled it around 9:30 so in all it was about 11:30 in the smoker.
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Looks awsome. Now I am hungry and its not even lunch time yet.
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