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Country Style Ribs w/Propane Conversion

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I found my old propane hot plate and got the idea of putting it in my GOSM charcoal smoker to see how it would work.
Got some nice Country Style Ribs and some Italian sausage to try, along with some ABTs.

Jeff's Rib Rub and thought I would try Grill Mates new Chipolte Cinnamon Rub.

I fed the line thru the side vent and reconnected to the hot plate. For smoke, I use a small pear can and placed the chunks of wood inside. Wrapped Aluminum foil over the mouth of can to see if that would stop the wood from igniting to easily.

Wasn't sure how hot this plate would allow me to get. It sure sits nice and solid at 225º. I figure I can make close to 300º with this set up. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

After 2 1/2 hours, they were looking pretty good. Temps were holding.
I sprayed the ribs with a mixture of apple juice, vinegar and Makers Mark PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Added the Italian Sausage at the 3 hour mark. As you can see, I am still getting a flame off the wood chunks. Wet or Dry, they still flame up after awhile. Anyone got any ideas on how to reduce or stop this?

More later. Gotta get the ABT's ready.
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Looking good Flash!
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Sure. Preburn 'em.
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Them there vittles be lookin mighty fine!
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Do you get enough smoke off of what preburned looking charcoal supplies you with?
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As long as you can smell it, yer smoking. Try it. Just preburn until the flame on the wood starts to wane, then add to the foil. Keep a bit on hand for use in another hour or so.
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Ribs are looking great. I wonder if you pushed more aluminum foil into the can taking up air space if that would snuff them enough just to smoke and not ignite?
Let us know what you think of that new Grill Mates Chipolte Cinnamon Rub, I had a jar in my hand the other day at Walmart then last minute decided not to purchase it.
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As for the burning chips, you might have to make a slight mod to the can but why not try either sand or even old charcoal powder as a base so that the chips aren't sitting on the can. I think that's what's making them burn, metal on wood.

I think sand would work great IMO.
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Nice looking set up and ribs....would love to come over and sip some of that Makers Mark while they are getting done!
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No chips, I was using good size chunks. I am wondering if I could add a metal deflector plate of some sort? Sand may work as an insulator.

Rich, I assume if I am to have any pre burned wood left, at some point you have to extinguish the flame or I won't have any left for later wink.gif

I was somewhat surprised by how much water I went thru with this method. I would bet almost a pan and 1/2. How about it propane guys, do you find you go thru alot of water with propane flames?

After 5 hours, with alittle more than 1 hour in foil, I took the ribs in. I will probably cut back a 1/2 hour next time though.

They were about ready to fall apart.

Cheesy Rice, Turnips/Collards and Kale, Red Wine and Ribs.
The sausage I over did. PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
I based it on most other sausages I smoked needed around 3 hours for our taste. These came out alittle dry and were some a friend had made. I think Venison? I'll chop them up for a stew or soup. Should have used the digital probe.

Now the worst thing. Had my mind wandering and I forgot the ABT's on the gasser. PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif With luck my wife went out on porch to put some of the re-cycle stuff out. I am sure they got an extra 30 minutes. The bacon WAS DONE PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif Hardly worth a photo icon_rolleyes.gif
Surprisingly they were not bad, as I HAD to try one. I'll never forget my ABT's again frown.gif
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Oh, almost forgot. Both my wife and I agreed. Jeff Wins!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Flash, have you tried setting a cast iron skillet on your burner, then the chunks wrapped in foil??
It might be worth a shot.
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You don't NEED much wood. The deal's the early combustion stages of wood that you don't want. That's the tars and creosote stuff. A hot flame will mitigate some of that.. but ask a stick burner. Bed of coals, man bed of coals. I'll buy a rack of ribs..or trade a Smitty's package for a trial.
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Got a friend that told me that too. He even has a skillet to donate. Worth a try. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Rich, I am normally a charcoal burner and see the wood catching fire at some point all the time. I am not sure of any way to combat it with charcoal, other than your pre-burn method. Even with a pre-burn, it cannot totally stop the wood from catching fire, unless it pre-burns all the way thru confused.gif
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As I see it, too much of the can is directly over the flame. I use the 'Afterburner' from and only a small area of the can is directly over the flame, however if I push the smoker temps up to 275º or 300º it will flame just like yours. So, try to move the can more off center.
I see you have only used foil on the inside of your waterpan ... try foiling the outside (first) then the inside. The outside foil gets really dark but saves the buildup or extra cleaning that the smoke creates.
The legs on your burner seem a bit too long, however I don't see an easy fix with out cutting them down some ... which could make your gas connection awkward.
Hope I have been some help .....
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True... it will burn a bit... but by then most of the undesirable contents have been cooked out... a bit of flame is not a problem.
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