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summer sausage qview

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Here is some sausage my brother and law and I kicked a couple weeks ago.

ready to sit it out in garage over night.

In the smoker. windy and 20 outside.

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thats some great looking sausage how did it turn out
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Mighty good lookin start to that project!
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Turned out great. We make close to 100lbs a year. that was about 22lbs. In some of it we packed pepper jack cheese cubes in the center. rotate the racks about half way through. Ice bath when done. wipe them down, then let them bloom on the counter for few hours. then into the fridge or in the garage if it is winter to settle over night.
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great job ryan i do a lot of summer sausage i really enjoy it today i am gonna do 15 pounds of salami and cheddar cheese i will post pics and report when i get done again great job on the summer sausage
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Looks SUPER...2 questions...actually 3
WHY is it called SUMMER sausage??
What's the ice bath for...bring down temp?

WHY is a MAN who makes SAUSAGE drinkin' MICHELOB ULTRA!!??? icon_razz.gif
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Heh...ice bath chills fat so it remains as chunks and does not render into puddles. Dunno the summer. And it's better than the Miller Lite in one pict. Marginal tho...I agree.
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Back in the day, which was a Tuesday BTW, It was called summer sausage because it was considered a dry sausage and kept well in the warmer months. Rich is right about the ice bath, it helps keep the fat clump instead of dispersing. It also helps control shrinking. Lastly I do not drink Michelob ultra. That would be my BIL. I live on Miller Light.
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Can I take points back?!? ;{)
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for what? the miller?
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Thanks for the clarification...RICHTEE...you DO realize...there is LIFE OUTSIDE the SMF!!?? PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif YOU da' MAN!!
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Do YOU realize that stuff's nasty? Or not?
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so if you couldnt find/didn't own any of those sausage cylinder bag things - what would you use instead?

i thought i'd seen someones q-view of a fattie that had bacon wrapped around it, so that one wouldnt have had any non-food wrapping holding it together would it?

help this novice out pls peoples.
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bbqchris: If you are making a fatty, you don't need to put it in anything, it should hold itself together. You can wrap the outside with bacon or do like I do and put the bacon inside the fatty. Casings are generally used for sausages such as summer sausage or brats and such.
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thanks trav... still learnings icon_redface.gif
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Thats why were all here, and there aint a sole here who isn't still learnin! Just keep smokin and askin questions!
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Damn nice looking summer sausage............... Making me hungry for some now.....Good job........
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hehe thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully this weekend is time for the initial smoke
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Besure to let us know how it comes out! And remember we love q-view!
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Zip ties? I would never have thought to use zip ties to close off the casing. I guess they must survive the smoking temps, or you wouldn't use them??

Looking Good and tasty.
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