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Another Guy from Iowa

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This is a great forum. Tons of information, and help whenever needed. I have been smoking with ECB for some time by "Trial & Error ". I have ordered a new GOSM and will be here next week. I belong to a group called "The International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers" and got me started in doing it in the "Dutch" I have had a love of smoked meat for a long time and this site with the pictures gets the blood boiling.

I cant think of a better way to spend the day. Smoking meat, beans, and Dutch Oven Biskets. Especially when good friends drop by with a bottle of Jim Beam. Start the smoke and as soon as the wind carries it off they appear with forks and glasses. Doesn't get much better.
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Welcome to the forum. There is quite a few people here from Iowa and as you have already found out, tons of good info, ideas and a whole bunch of good people. smile.gif
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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. Look forward to seeing your q-view. Let us know how we can help, lots of good people here and great knowledge to share!
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welcome aboard, glad u stumbled upon us
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Welcome from another Iowan.

Enjoy the forum and have lots of fun.
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Welcome!! What part of Iowa you from?
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Right up the road from you in Elkader.
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Welcome to the site.....Glad to have you here.......
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Welcome from one newbie to another. Real excited about getting deeply involved with the world of wood, smoke, and fire. PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif

Welcome, SS
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Welcome to the smokey part of the world.
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Welcome also, i missed you the the first time, and i'm just south of ya in Nevada
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Welcome to SMF !!!
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Jeeez you guys are like horse#^%@ on the highway..LOL! Welcome to SMF. Enjoy yer time here and look out for a guy called "Walkingdude". ;{)
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LOL,I will refrain from that 1-you owe me dude.
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Chicken FEED! ;{)
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