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use mustard?

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getting a pork loin ready for rubbing useing jeffs recipe but some people tell me to smear mustard on just befor smoking to help with moisture right or wrong THANKS
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yup thats right,yellow musturd-helps the rub stick & you won't taste it in the end-gives good bark also.
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Hunt...personal choice...there are several 'threads' you can use for reference

I just started using a 'smear' for pork...I like it...

--Does not taste 'mustardy'...some say helps with keeping rub on meat/ better bark

Use gloves...slather...then generously apply rub

ps...just came home from the New York (Suffern) HUNT/FISH show...gettin' fired up.. gonna start shed huntin.
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What he said

If it's fish or poultry, you can use mayo.
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New york hunt and fish show bet that was great Road my ATV the other day found a small shed with my tire not very big but it made a nice hole
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Doesn't help with moisture at all. Just helps rub adhere better.
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