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How fast?

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How fast should the internal temp rise?
I am doing a brisket..and within the first 30 min into it..it has rasied 14 degrees...does this sound about right?
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Relax dude... you'll have a heart attack before that puppy gets done! Get it to at least 140° within 4 hours for saftey's sake, sit back and open that case of beers.
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LOL...I am relaxed.....That case of beer would really relax me...but seeing how its still a tad early...I better stick to coffeeicon_biggrin.gif
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I'd recommend Sam Smith's Taddy Porter then! ;{)
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Question: Didya sear it first? A'la SmokeyOkie method? I recommend it. Cuts smoking time a bit and adds to the flavor. Also, here's a little experiment i tried:
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no...I didnt sear it....maybe try that next time...I just put Jeffs rub on it...and spray it every hour with apple juice...its looking pretty good...However im having trouble getting the smoke to keep up...Seems like it takes a while for it to start smoking again after i put more in...I do have foil bewteen the chips..and the flame...so maybe thats it..I don't know
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You don't need to SEE the smoke... if you can smell it the meat is getting it!
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If you can smell smoke, you're smoking. Keep it thin and blue. That thing's gonna be in there 10 more hours probably, depending on temps and weigh. It'll get plenty of flavor.
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its been in there 3.5 hrs now...at 225-230...and its at Internal 139
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You are doing fine then. Don't become too worried about the meat temperature rising. At 140 it is out of the "danger zone" the temp where bacteria multiply rapidly. The goal is to get there in about 4 hours or so.

The meat may hit a plateau where the temperature seems to stay the same. This could last an hour, 5 hours or not happen at all. DONT raise the temperature of your smoker during that time in order to get over the plateau. Just keep it low and slow and you will be rewarded.

Keep us posted and have a few of those beers Rich suggested or some Makers wouldn't hurt either!
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yeah...I think it may be hitting that stage now...its slowed way down..its now at 152 degrees...after 5 hrs.

Now would be a great time to figure out how to post pictures...can anyone give me a tip on this?
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check this out... most of us use photobucket...

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Before going on the smoker....
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7 hrs in....internal temp at 155.....

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Nice looking piece of meat!!! Keep up the patience and that meat will fall apart and melt in your mouth.
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you re doing fine net...thats going to taste awesome. Now get that lid back on there...lol icon_wink.gif
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I learned a lesson...that any one shoould know....heat up your mop..before ading it to the meat..lol...I had it drop 3 degrees...and its stuck there now...I guess this is that "stuck time" everyone talks about...its stuck on 156
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Just got in from work...how goes it?
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You're fine, I've been doing 2 briskets today and hit the 139-140 plateau at the end of the second hour. Been there now for 3 and a half hours. Once I get to 160, then some foil. So, it will be a long day, some barley pops and status quo for doing a brisket.

But, it's all worth it. BTW, will do a Q-view Monday perhaps as I'm doing something a little different this time and will use the new Weston slicer as well.
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If yer foiling, use the oven and save wood. Or don't add any if yer electric/propane. No point.
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