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It seems like I'm always on here asking questions but it's you guys fault. I always get good answers so I keep asking. Here goes:

We have started a concession trailer and will be selling Buffalo Burgers, Hot Dogs and Bratwurst at fairs and craft shows. The only dogs and brats I can find are NOT precooked. What I want to do is precook them in my 2 GOSM smokers, vacum pack them, and freeze until I go to the fairs. Then I will put them on the grill and finish them. Has anyone on here smoked buffalo dogs and brats? If so what temp should I take them up to so they would only need to be reheated on the grill.

If I'm not making myself clear or sound confused don't be surprised. Wife and I are new at this and need any help and advice I can get. Thanks.

Mike S.