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Makin' A Stickburner

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I'm building a stickburner from this little propane tank (114 US Gal. on the tag). It's actually two end bells used making propane tanks welded together. It was made in 1947!!! It is actually larger than it looks. I cyphered the interior measurements and figure about 11 sq. ft. of cooking surface with a main grate and a smaller one above.
More as it progresses.
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Cool. I like those work in progress threads.
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That thing is screaming for a pot belly pig paint job. Very nice!
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There is a strong possibility it might sprout ears, a curly tail, and appropriate paint job. We'll see. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Tail gater

Hey mike. I am originally from your area. Is it to heavy to weld a hitch bar on the back side and carry it down to Arrowhead in your reciever?
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After I get the firebox (16"X16"X20" 1/2" plate), stack and grates in it I'm sure it would be. I'd have to have a forklift to put in the reciever. And extra lights because it would stick out to the rear a good bit.
Guess the other deal is Arrowhead. $25.00 to park. That's just park, not get in the stadium. For some reason I don't seem to get there much. Matter of fact once is all, got free tickets and parking pass from a parts vendor.
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Cool! Whats the diameter and length? Can't wait to see the progress:-)

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30" diameter, 45" length. 15" longer than it is across. After it was cut I was surprised by the amount of room inside it. I figure about 11 sq. ft. of cooking area with a main and upper grate.
I have the metal for the firebox, 1/2" plate sheared to size, HEAVY. Gotta do some welding.
With the firebox in place I think this thing is going to need wheelie bars on the firebox end. icon_eek.gif
Pics as it progresses.
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Thats a great size!

Thats a great size! I think your firebox size will work well too. Are you considering reverse flow?
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How bout a drop-off tongue design and bring the box forward...or something. Weight distribution can be pretty important in a trailer as I know you are familiar with.
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