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Howdy from out West

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Stickin to the questions asked....

I run a little operation in Alb, NM. We have been open for about 3 months
Albuquerque has been real nice to us. I probably have about 10 yrs.
professional smoking under my belt. My first cooking job was cleaning out pits. Currently I use two Ole Hickory Pits model SSJ. Each pit has about 120 sq.ft. of cook space. I think this forum is wonderful and obviously there is a lot of passion for the pit.
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Welcome to the forum. Feel free to chime in and answer some of the questions from those of us who are relativeley new to the sport PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif . Keith
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Welcome and great to have you here.....Hope to hear from you more........
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Welcome to SMF and glad to have ya! Take what ya need and share what ya can :{)
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Welcome to SMF . Hope to learn a lot from you.
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Sounds like a pretty heavy duty machine you operate there. I saw a picture of one like it at this link....

Have any pics of the inside of it loaded up? It would be cool to see how it works:-)
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blazin outlaw
Welcome to SMF and glad you joined us!!!
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welcome outlaw from a little more west(tucson) glad u found us.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Youll find lots of friendly folks here!!
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Welcome, good to have an ol' pro join, hope you can share some tricks of the trade along the way..
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Howdy Outlaw, welcome to the forum!smile.gif
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