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I got a bbq virgin on my hands....YES!

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I've got a friend at work who, after eating bbq I made, bought himself a smoker. This weekend he is wanting to do a brisket and some ribs. I've prepared him to get up early Saturday to get the brisket on. It's funny to see how nervous he is now. It seems like only yesterday that I was the same way. I'll take the camera and hopefully update the smoke as it goes along. Wish us luck, Greg
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Luck and get him on here. Let's make it a ceremony LOL!
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gt2003 you are letting him go right to brisket ??? on a first smoke , whew wish i had a guy like you for my re-mentor!!! hope all goes well and keep us updated please. icon_biggrin.gif
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I don't think I could stop this boy if I wanted to. I called him this morning and he is pumped up about this. I think since this summer he has had ribs, brisket and pulled pork at our house. He's been talking about getting a smoker for a while. Now that he has done it he will be a force to be reckoned with. I'm hooking him up with some of Jeff's rub (not the recipe, the site will benefit from his money!) as well as a drinking buddy for the day and all the free advice he wants. He has already switched out the thermometer on his smoker, cured the smoker, collected hickory wood etc. He is ready to get this thing rollin' yesterday. Anyway, I'll update along the way. It's great to see his enthusiasm.
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Congrats on turning another to the smokey side !!!

Next step is getting him on SMF, then he will be an addict !!!
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icon_twisted.gif mwhaaaaaaaaaa..........another convert. Just a few more and we will dominate the world..........Mwhaaaaaaaaa icon_twisted.gif

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I'll let him get a good taste of the smoke this weekend. Then, I'll turn him loose on the forum. GET READY!!!!
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Thats great to see you teaching him from the start........I started out pretty much "oh what the hell" method.........IT was all or nothing.....But it was all good in the end.....
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It sure is fun teaching someone the art of smoking!
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Jeff, it's nice to see you sharing your knowledge of the thin blue! I'm sure that Saturday's smoke will be one of those days that he'll never forget!!

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Sounds like a great guys day. BBQing, drinking, eating and telling lies enjoy yourself icon_wink.gif .
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Sounds like it's going to be fun .... How do we get an invite to this shinding? PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Should be an incredible time for the both of you, enjoy it!
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Dionysus, if you can make it down here in time by gosh u'r invited (along with everyone else.

Just to make sure I'm up to par, I'm smoking 2 racks of baby backs, a chuck roast (1st time), my very 1st fatty with onions, bacon and cheese as well as a piece of smoked salmon. See my soon to be created post "I hate this place", lol.

Next item on the agenda, provided all goes well, is to request admittance into the OTBS. I've got some thin blue smoke goin right now and it sure is pretty.

Q-view to follow on my current project. Take care, Greg
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Get your buddy to sign on and introduce himself!! What's he gettin for a smoker?

Can't wait to see the pics:-)
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$138 walmart smoker, horizontal type. I'm not sure the brand but it will for sure get him started.
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New Smoke.

Do we get 'props' for a 'newbie' smoke...I have a bro' at work...will be SMOKIN by MAY.....TELL YOU WHAT!!!!!

That's what I'm talkin' bout....
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Kudo's to ya gt2003. Your a great friend....my friends all thought I was nuts and now they all want me to cook....they can go to KFC ...LOL!
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LOL, well alot of my training of people happen online. I moderate a major fishing forum in Florida, the Florida Sportsman. I get IM's thru out the day and night. "How long to do turkey?" "Should I do a brisket or ribs?" "Which smoker should I buy?"
Hard to describe stuff online sometimes, but it is enjoyable. One gal I helped out was so happy, her boyfriend made her buy me a bottle of Old Wiser's......Yeah baby!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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The smoke went great today. I wasn't sure we were going to be able to go at all but we ended up spending a few hours hanging out at his house. I didn't think we would make it so I didn't bring the camera, Sorry. We had a kiddo with chicken pox and they had a little one who hasn't had them yet so we just spent a short time over there to see how things were going. I wish we could have stayed for the food, it looks like it's going to be great!

Great news! He is getting a prime rib and I'm getting a pork butt as well as some salmon for tomorrow. I will not forget my camera and will post pics tomorrow.

Thanks for the interest. Look for thread tomorrow, Greg
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