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I hope they work to get rid of the hot and cold spots. I decided to not go with tuning plate frist to see if it will work. I lower the stack and put a plate vertical against to opening from the firebox to the smoking chamber. I'm testing this weekend. Here are some pics of the mods. Warning: this is my first welding project ever. I kind of had fun with it. Maybe another hobby.

This one is whrer there is already a deflection piece from the manufacturer. I might have should of removed it, but no biggie if it interferes, I'll just redo it. I'm thinking of cutting the plate loose and welding 1/4 - 20 SS screws to the horizointal piece and wing nutting this plate in place. Still a work in progress. It's welded pretty good now, but it's no a problem.

From the firebox looking into the smoking chamber you can see both plates, the one I welded and the one th manufacturer installed.

Closer shot of the plate.

I also welded a charcoal/wood basket out of expanded metal and 1/4 rod. All of the steel was free from a machine shop near the house. I still have more steel if I decide to add tuning paltes and further mods. I need to make a grate tomorrow for meat. 1/2" 3/4" or 1" angle and expanded metal, I haven't measured yet.