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other crazees

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hello all, newbie here...i thought i was the only one crazy enough too babysit a smoker all nite in the rain, snow , etc. but it seems there are a lot of us "crazee peeple" out there. i'm the guy that smokes anything and everything...i think i am gonna love this place!!!biggrin.gif bill
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Butt will see a LOT of crazies...errr...SMOKIES!!!
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Welcome to the forum! I'm crazy too, but I'll not be setting up all night with a smoker biggrin.gif . Maybe in the snow, just not all night. Keith
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Welcome to the smf, theres going to be a lot of guys here proud of your dedication to the smoke. And yeah you will enjoy it here. Great people, good advice, lots of ideas and a lot of laughs.
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Welcome to SMF- and I look at it this way: SOMEONE has to hold down the far ends of the bell curve, eh? Heh!'ll fit right in!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to SMF !!!

By any chance are you related to Cosmo Kramer?
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome buttman, u have come to the right place, did u sign up for Jeff's 5 Day E-Mail Course? If not please do so, it is very informative, also Jeff's Recipes are also worth getting
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Welcome to the smf.....We are all alittle crazy here.....Great place here.....
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