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I hear you, however I am not very handy at stuff like that

another problem is I dont have the tools, I would have to buy them, or the materials, would have to search them out, and buy them, buying would be cheaper, and easier when these factors, and burning my free time is added in imho.

I do have alot of property, but I dont want to dig up the grass I have worked on for the last few years to dig a pit, that would be the easiest method.
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hey guys, if you'll notice the unit in question is in Medley Fla which is a predominately cuban area of Miami, they cook a wonderful pig for BUENOS NOCHESS which is thier christmas celebration, but unfortunatelly the only thing they know about smoking is cigars. this pig unit is a wonderful device but not for smoking
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Roast a Pig in a Chinese box

Saw one of these on TV about a year ago, but could never find them on line when I looked about 2 or 3 months ago....didn't look good enough I question is....does anyone know what a whole pig (price wise) is going for these days....guess it might depend on where you live!!!?
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In Chicago i can get 80# + hogs for $.99/lb
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not looking to smoke the pig, but roast the pig.
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Here's the link to the site. I grabbed the accessory page so you could see the smoker attachment. I have their Turkey roaster where I cook my chickens for the kids lunches. About an hour and they're done. I haven't tried the smoker but looks like some have.
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just punch in cajun microwave and there is a site were a guy made his out of plywood. so I made mine from his idea, with a few different changes. 2ft by 4 ft box. went to lumber yard bought some alliunium flashing 2 ft wide. And instead of charcoal on top I put a heating element inside and runs about 250 degrees.
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