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Hi form Alberta

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Hi everyone, came across your site searching for info. on a thermostat for a 1500 watt element in a freezer smoker I'm building. The hunt is slow calving up here now so can only pop in from time to time any help would be grate.

Thanks for your time Alan.
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Welcome Alan, always glad to hear from another 'Nuck. You have found the right place, lots of friendly knowledgeable people here who are more than willing to help, so ask away. Check out Jeff's 5 day e-course, it's a great place to start.
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Welcome, eh! Sorry, had to (somebody asked me where Ernie was). Anyway, welcome aboard.
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Welcome to SMF!!!
A replacement element for a Brinkman electric smoker should be 1500 watts.
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Alan: in my current smoker build I am using two thermostats, one for cold smoke which goes to 225* and an oven thermostat for hot smoke. My element is 5400 watts though. Ebay is a good place to check on prices and availability for the thermostats. Ask more questions if you'd like.
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Welcome to the forum, from one Canuck to another.
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Welcome to my northern neighbor. You'll find a lot of great info on this forum, on many subjects. I am in the same boat as you, we are just a little over half way done calving. Kind of moving from the getting born phase into the keeping them alive phase right now. May have to even pick your brain on some cattle issues.
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Thanks guys for the warm welcome trying to digest all that's here could be a full time job. And a thanks to Osage for the info. on a Ranco thermostat I will have good look at it the price is rite. Oh all you Canucks there will be more of us after I do some e-mailing to some close friends. Mulepackin I have just started but good so far I like ( I raise the beef I eat ) me to the only stuff I can afford with the store price I'd like to know who's making the money.icon_rolleyes.gif

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Wow...a real RoughRider..heh~ Welcome to SMF and enjoy!
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Howdy A-Bar from Slave Lake Alberta.....great to have you on-board. Where ya from?
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Badss, I'm from near Torrington, Alberta - a little tiny place 20 miles or so straight east of Olds - between Red Deer and Calgary.
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Welcome to the site................I am using a thermostat from any electric frying pan for my 1000 watt element....Works great.............hope that helps.........
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yo---glad you are herePDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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Torrington, Alberta!!!!!
Is that any where close to Three Hills, Alberta?
Ha Ha Ha.
I'm from Three Hills. Born and raised. Still live there. Glad to see a local on board. This year has been a good one for calving. My brother still farms and this somewhat more milder winter than what we're used to has been treating him good. Almost spoiling him, I think.
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Good to see another canadian here, welcome. Check out the pid unit instead of a thermostat. A little more expensive but does some real good work. It's on a bradley smoker forum but someone here has a link to it . I saw it just the other day. I am working on what seems to be a very similar project.
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