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1st Qview

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Here is all the stuff I have been trying to post for the last month.

This is my first fatty, can't wait to do a second!

Here is that 3 1\2 hour 7 lb pork loin for those who read the thread "How did this happen"

And these are the chickens I did the same day. It was all great!!

Hopefully I got the hang of posting pictures now, cause were having a big party this weekend with a few different people smokin, and I'm sure there will be lots of good lookin food.
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How did you train the chickens to dance like that???

Good looking chow right there...
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nice looking birds. i did the same thing this past weekend but i can not upload the pics because the file is too big. any suggestions anyone?
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Nice vittles! When's the party so I can be sure and get there on time!icon_mrgreen.gif
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mcp9 you should be able to resize them to a thumbnail or avatar. I use photo bucket. There is a sticky explaining how photobucket works.

Cub them birds do look good!!!!
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Dem' birds look good...
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Good looking chow! I'm ready for the party PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif . Keith
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Congrats on the successful smoke. Nice looking birds.
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Well done on the Q view
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AWSOME looking Q view and birds. What more can you ask for, great BBQ and the CUBS! I am looking forward to another opening day and freezing my #%$ off.
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congrats on first qview and great lookin grub taboot icon_biggrin.gif
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Holy COW! Nice job Cubguy!
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Fine turnout cub guy. Thx for the q-view. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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