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Help wanted with a New Braufels

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Watching my local CraigsList I found this - http://fargo.craigslist.org/for/586637573.html

I sent the seller this email -
I am interested in your smoker, but when I went to research it online I am finding the model Silver retails for $149.95. The pictures online appear to be identical to yours. Do you know which model you have? Also, if you want to reply with your phone number I would be happy to call if you would rather talk over the phone instead of email.


This is the sellers response -
It looks like the one you have for $ 145 is a better deal, mine looks like the wrangler # unknown the domination 32"x16" I can come down to $ 235. sorry.

I do have interest in this smoker and do not want to pay too much for it, just want a fair purchase. I would like to here from others that may be familiar with this smoker...... Thanks in advance !!!
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Maybe stainless? Is there such a model?
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He's dreaming, it's not even modded!!
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bbq bubba
Any chance Richtee nailed it with it being a stainless cooking chamber? I guess with the pic provided it is hard to tell..... the fire box looks like regular steel.....
I guess if I am interested I should get off my butt and go look at it in person !!!
Hoping for more input from others..... but I may just go visit this seller and feel out what it can be purchased for.

Can a New Braunsfel and a Char-Griller be welded together with a fire box on each end and have a evenly heated cooking chamber? HHhhmmm.....
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Looks like mine

I cant be 100% sure of the model you have there, but it looks like my New Braunfels Silver. several tears ago Char-broil purchased that line of smokers from New Braunfels and now sells it under the name of Char-broil Silver. I paid $169. for mine 4-5 years ago new. Mine looks like new now due to very little use. I tried in vain to sell mine last summer for $125. it included a weather cover, the original temp gage. 40 lbs of chunk hickory.
from what I see from the picture it appears to be rusty and weather worn with no mods. I probably would not pay much more than $75.00 you can buy a new char-broil for about $149. that my $0.02 worth
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I wouldn't bother pursuing this one. I picked up my Oklahoma Joe's that looks identical to that, with the exception of a burner in the firebox for $80.00 and an Oklahoma Joe's Vertical Roaster with a burner for $75.00 off Craigslist here in Az. You should be able to get a much better price than $235.

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