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Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet?

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Has anyone ever converted a flammable liquid storage cabinet into a smoker? I have access to several of them of different sizes but they have been in research labs for years and being discarded. I'm a little leary of what might have been stored in them over the years or will a good burn out kill everything. Just looking at them they'd be perfect to convert to gas or electric. Good solid 1 in walls. Not sure if hollow or insulated. Got some corrosive cabinets as well.
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Man! great minds think alike. Every time I walk through our hanger I eyeball those and think the same thing! A buddy of mine works for the phone company and he built one out of a large green steel junction box like you see all over the place if your looking for such things. But yeah, those metal flammable storage cabinets look like just the ticket. I'd sure burn it out well though.
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bleach it, power wash it, and burn it out man. how funny would that be when your buddies some over and you have a cabinet that says "Flammable Liquids" on it sitting on the deck just a smoking away. Can't wait to see the pics
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Got my eye on a 15 gal that would be the perfect size. Got some other sizes coming available soon too. 45 gal looks a little to big for my needs. They even have a plugged hole in the side to use for a vent. I'll at least get a "before" shot of it tomorrow if I can.
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I have had the same thought. My bro has 3 of them... all fairly clean. I'm gonna talk him into a "mid-size" smoker :{)
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I have thought of them too.... Might want to check and make sure there isn't any asbestis in the walls.......Not sure what they use to make them fire rated....Just a thought...........
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Steel typically. Double walled. You don't find much NEW asbestos these days.
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This is the one I looking at.

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Heck if your not gona just them I'd be happy to come take them off your hands befor they hit the dumpster
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Just to be politically correct (Reads as chiken sh**) I can't tell you what to do. But if it were me......PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

Every time that I walk by a reasonably sized or shaped container (especially steel cabinets and locker type boxes) I am thinking SMOKER! We now have two heavy duty steel tall cabinets sitting in the warehouse from a demo job that I have announced that I would like to make a smoker out of. We also have a couple of old safes that would work too. I am kind of waiting until maybe some stainless fridges or proofing ovens come along. But to be honest, it is almost easier to build a smoker out of a steel box than it is to clean some used restraunt equipment that I have seen.

At any rate keep us posted on your choice and progress
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They won't go to a dumpster. Other reseachers get first dibbs and what isn't claimed goes to Property Disposition for sale to the public on a first come first serve basis at garage sale prices. I'm waiting to see what gets claimed.
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That would be a nice sized smoker.........I have been looking at a bakers rack we have at work that would be a simple build into a smoker.....Now I just need to talk the boss in to letting me have it......
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Man, I'm working on a fridge smoker and a guy turned me on to this web site, under the cafeteria equipment they have all kinds of stainless steel fridges and warming cabinets. Some of these sell for just a few dollars. Now that I'm half built, I've been thinking of scrapping it and buying one of these stainless warming cabinets and a Bradley Smoke generator and going the quick route. Decisions Decisions Decisions..
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