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First Fatty W/Q-Views

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This was my first attempt at a fatty. I kept it very simple wraped in bacon and chesse in the middle. It turned out great- The kids loved it. Also tried smoking some burgers but I didn't care to much for them. I don't know if I didn't cook them right or what.

The Temp was about 31 and is was snowing which made it hard to keep at steady temp on the ECB

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good first try on the fatty what didnt you like about the burgers they looked good on screen.
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For some reason they sort of tasted like a grilled hotdog- which isn't a bad thing but it wasn't what i was looking for
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Look good 2 me. Good job niniron.
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Congrats on breakin' your proverbial...."PHATTIE"
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fatty looks greatPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif and i have failed at the burger too.....but re-gained
with the bacon cheese burgers , bacon and burger smoked at same time but not together till last 1/2 hour then set the cheese of choice on and yum delish....
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Fine fatty indeed!
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Looks good............Nice job..................
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Congrats on the first of many fattys !!!
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Yep, the fatty looks good. I did my first one about a month ago and now I smoke at least one every time I fire up the smoker, and I keep sausage in the freezer, ready to prep. Those things are great!
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Great Job! The Burgers are worth tryn again check out my Bacon Cheeseburger post.

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Fatty looks good, nice job Nin.
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The burgers looked great, well done on the fatty.
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