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frozen leftovers

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i smoked 3 chickens this weekend. i was wondering if anyone has frozen leftover chicken and how it comes out after thawing.
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I do it all the time. It will actually taste smokier and if you vacuum seal it will retain a lot of the freshness.
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yeah, my brother smoked up a bunch of turkey breasts for Christmas and vacuum sealed and froze them. They still taste great! I'd imagine chicken would work just the same. Mmm... smoked turkey sandwiches sound really good right now...
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good to go !!! as long as vac sealed , if you do not have a vac type sealer
jam a drinking straw in a freezer zip-locky and try and suck as much air as possible out , will freeze better and re-fresh better as well !!!!wink.gif
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I smoked so many ribs on Saturday, we had to freeze some! After eating ribs every night since Saturday, we finally finished off (tonight) what we didn't freeze PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif . Nuff ribs for awhile icon_exclaim.gif . Good luck on the freezing. Keith
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Almost every year I smoke up a bunch of turkeys, debone and foodsaver, excellent sandwich meat to have on hand year around. Just serving smoked turkey as an appetizer or on a Hor 'Dourve plate for a gathering or party; the meat will dissapear quickly.Late last fall I smoked 300 lbs. of turkeys for freinds, relatives and ourselves all in one shot; this next year I am going to have to try and raise my goals !!!
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