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Cold Smoke

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I got a weston slicer and have the desire to smoke a pork belly and make bacon, I have a Gas Hollow smoker, same as a gosm for the most part. The Temp outside is usually in the 20 or 30 degree range do you think I can pull off a cold smoke or should I wait and build a cold smoker.
Boy I can just hear the wife. YOU NEED A WHAT! 3 OF THEM ARE NOT ENOUGH !!!!!!!
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Gary, I think you can pull it off with your gas smoker....
but it doesn't hurt to have a cold smoker around too.biggrin.gif
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If the wife won't budge and the smoker is still to hot, try just running a hotplate in the bottom of it. You should be able to keep the temps low enough, especially if it is that cold outside.
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I do my bacon at upwards of 130 all the time. Not too hot I don't think.
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