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"Fast Smoking" a brisket???

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I have posted this before but cant seam to find it....

I know that some guys have a method of fast smoking briskets for restaurants, catering events, etc. From what I remember this involves:
-Slow smoking (@225*)for several hours to internal temp 150*-160*
-Foiling w/ plenty of liquid in the pan
-Cranking the heat up to around 300* and getting the meat up to 195*-200*
-and of course resting the meat for a bit

Am I missing anything? I may try it this weekend.

I know smoking is fun and I'll be missing out on some of that, but this is about saving time and achieving the same results, which many pro's claim they can do.

I will still enjoy my own smokes, but this is for the biz.
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I think the true fast smokers crank it up to 300 or more for the whole cook.
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Any links or tips to point me in the right direction??

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Here you go. Email Ed if you have questions. I think he is listed as kickassbbq in the member list. He swears by the hot and fast.
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Thanks JOE!!!!
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Yup, he swears by hot n fast!!PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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Borderline being fanatical about it.
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