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My first buckboard bacon w/q-view

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My first buckboard bacon came out great using the Hi Mountain Buckboard bacon cure, thanks to everyone here. I was probably a bit excessive with my trimming of the pork butt, since I ended up with three pieces, but it came out okay anyway. After curing for 14 days (2 days longer than recommended), I smoked it on my WSM to 140 degrees. It is a bit salty, perhaps the extra 2 days of curing? I think I'll try a loin next. The three pictures show the pork butt after curing, but before smoking and then after smoking and then sliced after smoking. The flavor is awesome!
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Nice thorough cure. You could try a soak in cold water for a day if it's THAT salty. And leave some fat. Hard to fry without it. Then again, you can add a bit of EVOO to the pan too...more healthy, eh.

On edit: Gotta watch temps with EVOO... "low and slow" - as it were.
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Looks great.
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Great Qveiw, i still have to try this....
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good looking bacon, and ya soak in water for a day,changing water every few hours-and fat is good on bacon-ends up in the bacon greese cup-nice job.
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Those look great, can't wait to try these out! Supper job!
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Man, this stuff is so good. Best BLT's ever!
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Looks good.....Good job...............Glad it turned out for you........Its always fun trying new things..........
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Mmmm, good looking bacon.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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