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smoked meatloaf anyone???

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I love smoked meatloaf, and with it being nice out today I said what the heck. anybody wishing for smellavision icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks and sounds excellent, been a while since I smoked a meatloaf. Now you have me thinking !!!
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Man that looks tasty. I've never tried that but I will now.
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I smoked the meatloaf recipe on this site and it turned out great! Yours looks great too! Check out my Q View from my smoke today too! I smoked a brisket and a couple of fatties and some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. If you haven't tried the Wicked Beans, they go good with anything! Wish I was there to try yours!
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Smoked meatloaf is AWESOME, I usually smoke it with bacon but decided to try some Hickory Bacon Salt instead and it turned out just as good.
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Looks damn good.....Good job......
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looks mighty tasty good job !!!!!!
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yup looks great-will be on the menu.
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Once again, too many ideas here. Hadn't thought of smoked meatloaf before I found this site but I will definitely try it. Looks grrrrrreat! (as Tony the Tiger would say).icon_mrgreen.gif
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