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Forgot the intro

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I just jumped in and asked how long a tank of propane would last. Either way, I'm a complete novice. Had a little chief electric for about 6-7 years and felt that the element was never hot enough. Had some decent luck with fish fillets, but larger stuff was always finished in the oven.

After reading several good reviews, I could not resist the Great Outdoors Smokey Mtn from WMT for $99. Clearly this site will be a great resource. I plan on seasoning today.

What would you veterans recommend for a first smoke?

Thanks for the assist
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Probably the classics, Ribs. Not hard to do and good no matter what! Oh yeah, Welcome aboard!

You could also do a couple fatties as your first! They are impposible to screw up!

Good luck!
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howdy & welcome ya what ^ says
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Fattys and/or a pork butt for pulling would be a great first to try after you have seasoned the smoker, both are very forgiving to make while you will be learning how the new smoker holds temperatures. Remember we like otsee pictures of your smokes.....again welcome !!!
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Ahhh redemption! LOL! Welcome to SMF and impressed you made the Roll Call post before I could bust you heh. Been real busy here of late...irrelevant.. you are now a member of the best site I have seen for all things BBQ/smoked.
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WElcome to the smf.....Glad to have you here.......
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Welcome. Just did my first a week ago and did a boston but which turned out great. This weekend did chicken thighs and a fatty, both great. Thighs were easy and only took about 2 hours so if your wanting to spend less time..........
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Welcome can't go wrong with a fatty or maybe a yard bird. After a smoke or two you'll get the feel of cooking on you GOSM. As far as how long a tank last...I can usually get two all-nighters and maybe a rib cook or two. Get a spare tank cause they always run out when you’re in the middle of a smoke.
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Welcome to the forum! Pork butts are good for starters...they are very
Looking forward to your Qviews!
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