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looks great. I will have to done soon. Just need a reason to have enough people over to cook one.

did you every flip it? it appears a little more done on the bottom. it could be the picture..
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like tsulcoski said one of the best cuts and then you smoked it! Well done!~
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Great looking meat -how much was your friend willing to pay?
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Great looking grub Capt!!!
I am still looking for the "O"-view though.icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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I thought that was the "orgasmic" view! hehehe, I don't usually flip them, but maybe I sould try next time. It is only the 4th one I have ever done, 3rd since I came to this fine site.

My friend paid 35 bucks for half of the whole thing. Thats all I asked for. 27 paid for the meat, and I figured another 7 -8 bucks for the charcoal, and rub and spritz( apple jiuce and Evan williams bourbon). So he got 7 lbs of ribeye smoked for about $5 a lb. Although it does render out a bit of fat and moisture, so I would imagine his piece was actually about 5 to 51/2 lbs.

Thanks for all the comments and points. Glad ya liked the pics!
Heading to Philly on fri to pick up my smoker upgrade! I will post some pics when I get it home!wink.gif
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Dan the ribeye looks wonderfull. I bet it tasted even better! What kind of wood did you smoke with?
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used royal oak lump for fuel, and apple and cherry for the smoke!
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[quote=Capt Dan;160640]I thought that was the "orgasmic" view! hehehe, I don't usually flip them, but maybe I sould try next time. It is only the 4th one I have ever done, 3rd since I came to this fine site.

Hey Cap!

By God, you do a good job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What ratio do you use of the spritz?
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I thought you were a Earnhart fan! Why would you put crybaby Tony in your avatar!icon_mrgreen.gif I hate that guy!

I use a 4 to 1 on the spritz. Thanks for asking. Now get a real nascar driver in that avatar!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Is that better?PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

The wife is a Stewart fan and when you look at the picture blown up, he really looks retarted!

Just tonight we were talking about getting a choco lab and if it's a male calling him smoke and if it a female JuneBug. My boy wants Junebug!

I'll assume 4 parts apple juice to 1 part booze. It might be kind of fun to get a buzz while eating.
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soo much better, and he doesn't drive a toyota! You don't need to blow up his pic to make Tony look retarded,just ask the guys who race against him!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Yes the apple juice is the 4 parts, and I think the alchohol burns off, but the taste stays a lil.

I like aj and morgans for the pork and chicken, even the chucks, but I had some Evans left over from another recipeicon_lol.gif , so I gave it a try, and I think it worked well.
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Great looking rib eye.................Mouth watering...........Good job...............
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Oh my, that looks incredible. I work for a foodservice distributor but have no need for a whole case of ribeyes. I've got a neighbor who buys a case or two every month. He cuts them into individual steaks, then smokes them without rub or anything. They end up dry and tasteless. I think I'll buy one ribeye off of him this next time and smoke it. 150 is perfect. That ribeye looks good enough to eat, hehehe. Thanks for the pics. That is soooooooo motivating.
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