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The Sirloin Life

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Heres the start of an 8# sirloin roast about ready to go on the smoke-n-pit, marinated all day and night in Dr. Pepper and a good dose of rub this morning. probably put another coating on it later in the cook along with a hefty dose of slice onions...on with the veiw
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Nice roast... but Dr. Pepper? Ah well. Personal tastes. Seems others use it on ribs and stuff too right?
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Be a Pepper

it's a first for me too but i seen a recipe to marinate a brisket in it so i figured i'd try a roast..either i'll like it or i'll never do it again
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Sounds interesting..........I know I have heard of people that inject turkeys with MT Dew then put them in a turkey fryer....I have never tried it or had it, but my brother has had it and he said it was great....So everyone has different tastes I guess.......Let us know how the roast turns out...
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whens it gonna be ready linescum,10-2 or 4? interesting!
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Lookin Good

here she is after 4.5 hours... internals at 145 gonna take it to 165 then pigout
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What kind or wire mesh/screen do you have it sitting on, and where can I get some?

Thanks in advance!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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got it a wal-mart for .94 should have got a few more
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let us know on the taste factor might have to dew a pepper
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heres the finished product and was it ever good..i had a portion that was med-well for the wife and a whole lot of almost med. for me..could definatly taste the sweetness of the Dr. Pepper and it wasn't bad
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Thanks for the info...Looks like I am taking a trip to wal mart. I need some tender quick too.

Great looking smoke too BTW!!!
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Nice finished product! Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew ... where are the Coke products?? PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Huh... well good! But me being the Anti-Sweet... grin... I like a soy sometimes ginger rub/marinade for a sweet one. Don't sound too sweet.. but the ginger is quite starchy, and sweetens up well.
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