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Just Stumbled in

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Hello fellow Qers. I just found this site while searching for information on the Rival KC Smoker. Well, I found the info and a whole lot more!

I've been BBQing for a long while but only got into it seriously the last few years. I own a Texas Pit Crafters pit (my avatar) and a GOSM Wally World Wide Body. I purchased the WWWB on the day Kartina hit because I knew I would be out of power for a while and had some meat to get out of the freezer. wink.gif

I'm the head moderator of the GOSM Yahoo Mailing list so I'll hopefully be able to contribute in that area as well as wood burners.

I'm looking forward to some good cooking stories!
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there ya go Red,My gal ran from Katrina nite before-we been back once-wasn't a pleasent thing-the rig looks nice & glad you stumbled on us.
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Welcome to the SMF Red!! Even though you've been cooking for a while check out Jeff's 5-day bbq class that's sent via email. Never know what you might pick up.
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Hey there Red, welcome to SMF. Don't forget to post those qview of your eats.

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Yer gonna find some great stories here...and be part of producing your own and ours now too! Jump on in..the water's nice!

Welcome to SMF!
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Red Stick BBQ
Welcome ot SMFR, there are few Rival KC smoker owners here that are very happy with them !!!
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Welcome to the forum Red Stick. smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF. You are going to like this forum. Lots of good information and help from friendly folks.
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Welcome to the site...................Great info here and great people too..........
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the smf Red. Lots of nice folks on here. Nice looking rig you have.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome to the site. Glad to have you.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the SMF!!! This place is full of friendly folks!!!
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Enjoy the ride!
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Great set up

Welcome Red,

That's a great set up. I'm working up some plans for something similar. Any suggestions you have on freatures you would like to have but don't. Or, features you do have and wouldn't have it any other way?


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Welcome Red !!
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Welcome Red, like your rig!
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Welcome aboard Red...nice rig.
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