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Another New Guy ....

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Hi from Reno, NV.
I'm new to smoking meats. Today is the first. I'm smoking 2 slabs of baby backs and a fatty. My son got me into this as he has been into smoking for some time now (Dozer on the member list).
I have a new Smoke Vault and I'm into the second step of the 3-2-1 process (actually 2 1/2, 1 1/2 and 1) and so far so good. So I guess I'm still learning with help from Dozer. Also making some of Dutch's beans.
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welcome to smf, i am pretty new myself-about 2 weeks. i cannot get over how much a person can learn from everyone here. from seasoned veterans to new people just starting and expiermenting. you will love it. good luck on the ribs!!!
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Plenty of fun and endless amounts of knowledge here, sounds like your son Dozer has you off to a great start !!!
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Welcome aboard! It's a great place with fantastic people!
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Welcome to the SMF!!! I hope Dozer also told you we need to see some qview.... or it might not of happened!! LOL
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welcome to the site ccr,and ya no Q-view and it ain't happened!
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Welcome to the forum CCR, glad to have you
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welcome, good to have another new guy around. Look forward to the Pics.
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yeah pops lets see some q-view of them beautiful ribs i dont get invited over for lol
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome CCR! Good ya got a mentor...even better he's a member here :{) This place is the best I have seen! Enjoy and ask what ya need and tell what ya can. Enjoy your time here.
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Welcome CCR, I am sure your son has bragged it all up so I figure nuff' said. Question? is you avatar pic a pair of deer chihuahuas? I've got one thats about 7 years old.
Agail welcom look forward to your future posts

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hehe Dozer
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Welcome CCR

Welcome To SMF. You will find all the help you will ever need. Just ask any question. we are all about assisting the new guy on good eats.
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Welcome aboard........Glad to have you here.............
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Here pic #1 ... first attempt

First babyback slab ... did two today (in the snow) and the fatty above. It's my first time trying ... tasted great. Will do some things a little different next weekend.
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Here is the first attempt at a fatty ...
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