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OK, so the butt should have been plurale (spelling, I ain't into that), what I was saying is 9 pounds of finished butt(s) with 1/4 pound sammies would give you about 36 sammies, sooooooo, you'd
have to cook two 9 pound butts to get 9 pounds of finished product. Now the truth be told, I have seen hogs at the packing plant years ago that would yield an 18 pound butt! The thing filled up and spilled over the top and sides of an end loader! My guess would be they were not worth much as a source of decent meat though. There is no way you could afford to feed those monsters today, I'm sure even back then, with the discounted price for being so huge it was marginal or a loosing deal.

If I provided a little humor, so be it, I don't mind. icon_mrgreen.gif I do have a sense of humor you know!

MLS, I don't know where your at, but around here, if your selling to a bunch of construction workers or line workers, I would keep the price at $4.00. That way, out of a five spot, the people have something to feed the vending machine in the afternoon. That makes a break point for some folks, they like a little something in the pocket for later in the day (JMHO). It can be tough, but I think doable, especially if you go the white bread route. We have bakery outlets around here where the bread is about 2/3rds or even 1/2 the cost of the same product in the store.

Good luck and hope it works out for you!
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Man, what a day !!!

First, I want to thank everyone for their replies and especially the spreadsheet. I'm sure you put a lot of work into it.

Second, I did a trial run today and have decided to scrap the lunch project and just stay with our weekend concession trailer. Here's why.

Got up at 6:00am and had 6 butts in my 2 GOSM's by 7:00. They all weighed betwen 8 and 8 1/2 lbs each. Sprayed em every hour and foiled them just like I always do. They took 10 1/2 hrs to reach 200 and I put them in coolers for 2 hrs. Then comes the fun part. My wife and I spent 3 hours pulling pork and vacum sealing it. We just finished cleaning up and it is almost 11:00pm. What a day.

I had right at 50lbs of butts and when we finished bagging, we had 24 1/2 lbs of meat. That would make about 100 sandwichs. Enough to feed 1 day. I told my wife, "No problem, all we have to do is this same thing 5 days a week." Boy I'm glad looks can't kill. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

I think we will add pulled pork to our weekend concession menu but trying to do it 5 days a week would kill me and if it didn't, my wife would. She says that is not her definition of 'semi retired'. The pork turned out great following meowey's instructions and the finishing sauce from SoFlaQuer made it even better. I figure I can smoke long and hard for a couple of days and have enough vacum sealed to do several shows but I'm too old to do it day in and day out.

I want to thank everyone again and especially the suggestion to do a trial run first. I'm glad we did before I committed to our friend to feed his workers. Now if someone wants to smoke 50lbs of butts a day and ship them to me, we might do some business. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gifPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif Thanks to all.

Mike S.
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hehe trial smokes work!
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Just a thought... Have you thought about doing your trailer thing for your friend like only one day a week or do 5 days but only have pulled pork on the menu one day a week. I would bet the workers would still like being able to get a hot dog or burger more then the vending machine sammies..... Just a thought...........
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