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Maple Wood ???

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i have been messin with maple flavor , maple sausage , maple bacon , maple biscuit's. wich maple tree are these flavored from ? we here in jersey have mostly red maple's wich i have heard can be a tad toxic ????
so what maple wood should i look for ?
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did you do a google on smoking woods?

i was under the impression........a maple is a maple, like a apple is a apple.......i LOVE using maple wood
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I am not positive, but I think you will be looking for wood from a Sugar Maple tree.
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Maple works for me:-)

Maple works for me:-)

I have sugar maples around here and occasionally one falls or has to be cut. I like the flavor, its mild, but makes a nice smoke ring, and is plenty hot for cooking.

When I have oak, I will mix it in or even better apple:-)
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May just have to add maple to my list...I see 8 lined up in my neighbors yard everyday. icon_redface.gif
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