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My First Fattys On! Q-View!

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Here's the first fatty!

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Thanks for the pics Travcom...great looking fatty. I know that wont last long at the dinner table...Good Eats!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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wow that works thanks for the qviewPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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... MMm....Friday..LENT....Been drinkin' since 2pm.. DANG that LOOKS GOOD!!!
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Now that's a good lookin
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Good job.........Looks great............
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Somehow I am out of sausage.... GOTTA go to the store now. That was a good looking, and I'm sure, great tasting, fatty.
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NICE. I plan to do two of these and a butt on Sat. Nice idea with the bacon the inside. Looks like it cooked up okay. Other on here have had the bacon on the outside which looks great as well.
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Nice job, looks great.
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Pre-cooked bacon on the inside, genius idea. Fattys are great, there are endless possibilities and combinations I just can't keep enough sausage to try em all. Great work, looks delicious!!
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Great looking chow. Have yet to try a fatty, but your q-view is motivating me. Thanks for giving me something to do this weekend!
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Awesome! I have always wrapped mine in bacon but never thought of putting bacon on the inside...Point!

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Man, I have been wanting to try a fatty, wife put "us" on diet at first of the year so I haven't been able to justify one to her yet. Of course cant complain lost 25 lbs since I started, shooting for another 25 and then I will try my first fatty, but yours looks great. Keep it up!!!

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Great looking fatty. Good idea with that crispy bacon.
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I'm thinking about making fatty later today, what temp did you take that one to? Looks great BTW
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Internal was 162*. Did this on my grill with an offset box. Temperature was a bear to control, though it turned out well. I think it would be alot easier in a smoker. I precooked the bacon so it stayed nice and crisp givin a bit of "crunch" in the middle of the fatty. Coated the outside with real maple syrup and then sprayed on a mixture of 1/3rd ten high whiskey, 1/3rd maple syrup and 1/3rd water to help control the temp and add a bit more flavor.

Good luck!
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Great first fatty

Great lookin Fatty. Nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Happy Smokin

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Nice fattie Tip! Never tried one with the bacon on the inside but that shur does look and sound good. I will have to keep that in mind for the future!!!!!!!!!icon_smile.gif
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