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I'm with you

I wimped out on smoking till the spring too, first of all it's just no fun running in and out of the house in the cold to keep the temps under controle, and second it's darn near imposable to find and lump up here
so I left the smoker get covered with snow and ice, and I'll fire it up in the spring,

ok ok ok I admit it I'm a wimp lol but I'm warmicon_wink.gif
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Soo how she come out?
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Turned out wonderfull, very tasty very tender. Used Jeff's rub (kinda lite) and the last hour with Jeff's sauce (a must buy for all who haven't). To date these were my best ribs yet. Another must buy apparently is AA batteries because I was unable to take pics. maybe next time..............smile.gif
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Howdy Sparky!
Man I'd advise anyone to stay out of this part of Texas between mid May and October. Steamy and hotter than the back porch of hell and crawling with all manor of things that bite sting and generally make your life miserable. I live in Kingwood which is a rival community of the Woodlands. Each looks upon the other with disdain, which is weird because in the summer they both suck. But the Hooter's girls do make up for allot. In fact Texas women in general make life bearable here. When Sherman's troops raped the South they kidnapped all the good looking girls and hightailed it to Texas to settle where the Southerner's wouldn't kill them in reprisal. That's why the gene pool is stocked with so much good looking DNA here. Thats is actually true fact, then you mix in the Arcadian (Coonass) French blood and man there are some purty galls down here and they are all friendly too. From Houston you have to go south of Port Aransas to find a nice beach though. But when you do you have friendly pretty woman on nice hot beaches wearing very little clothing. You gotta love that.

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Richtee -- I used a piece of old carpet last Sat and it made a +25 deg difference in what the ECB would hold. Very nice. (ambient was 25-30 though not like today's 17-18)
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Sigh I was in a bucket lift AGAIN today. I wanted to be wrapped in carpet!
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