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propane tank smoker we built

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ugly smoker looks like a giant bug

fire box and cooking chamber

fire box

cooking chamber

smoker by the creek

hickory for wedding Sat.

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heheh.........good name for it........Bug.........

i take it thats a reverse flow smoker?
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Looks a bit like one them there 60's rocket enignes I've seen on the tv! Looks like you live in a cool place dude! Nice back yard, I'm jealous!
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Lookin' forward to siome Q View on that puppy.
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cool the name too..............
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That thing looks great. As long as you are calling it the bug might as well weld some antenna on there and maybe curve the legs a little. It would look even better painted black like that.
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I like it, very unique !!!

I agree with making additions to make it a bug a painting it. After that within a year it will be very authentic.
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Didn't have time to paint it today. Going to paint it black or let my nephew paint I'm giving it to him . I think I'll have to do some work on it it dont seem to heat very well.
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Granted I am far from an expert but might it be because your fire box and grilling surface are at even heights? Every offset smoker I have seen has the fire box lower and the hole for heat transfer near the top of the box not in the middle. Your damper on the fire box also looks mighty small maybe that could be blocking too much air. Again I really have no idea what I am talking about seeing as I have never built a smoker before just making observations.
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Now that's creative! I think it's great! That's alot of good lookin equipment you got there!
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Nice, looks aren't everything.
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I agree, you should have place the firebox lower. Also, the exhaust stack should be on the opposite end of the firebox, coming out of the end, just below the cooking grate.
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Being in Kentucky, reminds me of some stills I've seen.
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