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Little Chief Electric questions

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I was thinking of picking up a hot plate so i could do some cold smoking. I found a slightly used little chief on CL for $25. I know nothing about them. Would this be much better than a $7 hotplate in my GOSM or USD? Is it worth $25?

Thanks for any input. I would do more searching but may be gone by time I find my answer.
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I dunno that the Li'l Chief will let you get down to cold smoke temps. The hotplate in a UDS would seem more likely to get warm enough to generate smoke from a coffee can type pan, and the drum big enough to dissipate enough heat to keep it in the 100° or so range...

Any Li'l Chief users have input?
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unless it's real cold or windy you'd have a hard time keeping the lil chief down to cold smoking temps. Maybe with a few modifications like drilling some vent holes in the side you could do it, but as-is it'll be too hot for the most part.
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The little cheifs come set for around 140 or 150 degree temps.....If it is the top loader model you can use it for cold smoking by using a couple 1 by 2 boards across the top and then set the rack assemble on the 1 by 2's and put a box over it then.... Thats how the owners maunal shows to do it.......Just a thought..........
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I was also thinking I could use it as a smoke generator if did not get cold enough
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LOL "get cold enough" Sorry engineer here. Yea, you could do that.
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yea, i realize that is not right but was typing with one hand, had a 2yr old on my lap (hitting keys) and a 4yr old pulling on the other arm. you should have seen how it came out the first time....

quite a few enginerds on these pages. mechanical background myself but i am doing civil now. BORING. but i do get to live in my home town and not San jose.
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POINTS for typing like that! Good man!
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