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I need some HELP

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Could any of you guy's or gal's give me some information on how I would need to start on a BBQ Comp.? I live in a little town that has a Picnic every year and one of the things that was brought up to raise funding for our yearly event was a BBQ Comp. and I was wanting to know from some of the pros and regulars that go to the compitions is how it is done.
I need to know what kinds of things draw competers in. I don't have to long to set this up they want to have it around the 17th of May or otherwise its going to be to hot.

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If not already a member, join KCBS. They sanction comps., and more.


They have the info you need.
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A good payout $$$ draws them in. Make sure to have plenty of space and water and power available.

As mentioned above. Check out/join KCBS (or similiar) they can help with that.....especially if you are looking to be "sanctioned". A lot of teams won't bother cooking in an unsactioned event under most normal circumstances.
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Thanks guys this is just what I needed. I joined up and I will see if our town would go for it. Thanks a bunch.
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