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Sausage Won Tons

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These rock. I make them every year for Superbowl. I thought about skipping them this year but my guests demanded them. (more of an appetizer but didn't see that category).

2 lbs of breakfast sausage
2 blocks softened cream cheese
1 med sweet onion
1 package Won Ton Wrappers (Wal*Mart now carries or at the local Asian Market)
1 Jar Sweet N Sour Sauce

Brown sausage. Saute chopped onion in sausage grease. Mix cream cheese, sausage and onion in large bowl. Place a tblsp of mixture onto each wrapper. Moisten 2 sides of wrapper, fold and seal. Fry in deep fryer for 3 to 6 mins at approx. 360 degrees. Dip in sweet n sour sauce (any mustard also works for dipping).

This would be great with a fattie for the sausage.
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LOLOL.........just another take on a crab ragoon..........instead you use sausage instead of crab............still sounds good tho
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sounds excellent to me!!!!
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Your Right

Your right, only they never put enought crab in them. These are very sausagey (that should be a word). I also want to try it with ground beef and Con Queso dip.
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Made these tonight, they were great! Though the maple JD sausage did give it kinda a weird flavor, was still good! Next time I'm trying it with crab and shrimp.

Thanks for the recipe!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks. I was hoping someone would give them a try. I usually use the hot flavor sausage. They are good and pretty easy. A little something different to take to a get together. The Wonton wrappers are so versatile, I have been wanting to try some with cream cheese and cherry pie filling. Maybe dust with powder sugar after frying.
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These sound really good, I love crab ones at the Chinese restaurant. Like your avatar too, go hoos!
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Sounds good I'll be checking out my local Walmart for the wonton wrappers after trying your recipe I can think of lots of things to try stuffing em with.
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I wadded up a few empty ones and threw them in, then coated them with a little melted butter after they'd cooled and sprinkled on some cinnamon/sugar mix. Makes for a good desert.
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The title caught my eye. won ton, pot stickers there all good, thanks for the recipe.
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I'm certainly going to try these.
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These sound delicious. They are on our must try list!

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I do a little diff. ground meat with sausage added-frozen spinich cooked and drained-saute onion and garlic-add ginger and soy-let cook together and cool-wrap same way in won ton-deep fry-bite end off and drip soy inside-yumm-I make 100 at a time-don't last long for sure. we call them chow sue'z.
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