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Pork Tenderloins

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anyone tried curing and turning these into c bacon........i know they taper to bout nothing on one end........maybe fold it over and tie it so the meat is the same thickness throughout?

any ideas greatly appreciated

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Ya WD thats what I used on my canadian bacon it turned out great!I used buckboard cure and tied it up with butcher string to keep it formed.Made a trip to my local store this AM. and they had them for $1.88 #-u guessed it-I have a few in the freezer now.anyway makes a great lean bacon.
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I've cured them for ham but not bacon. I guess the only difference is for bacon you would cold smoke and fry.

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those are TENDERLOINS??????

i am not talking bout LOINS............the small taper to one end/two to a pack kind of tenderloins........

or are those center cut loins?
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I think I saw Glued's stuff on another post. Yes they are tenderloins. Some big a** ones but they are tenderloins. The ones by me are much narrower.
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yup WD thats what I was talking bout-seems your meat is smaller in them parts?
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its hormel........i need to find a butcher i guess., that just doesn't do custom werk......butchers.....TRUE butchers, are getting scarce round here...........and i LIVE in the pork capital of the world.........go figure
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You my friend need to find a rural local farmer that butchers & sells his own grown meat.Theres a place up around Phoenix called the pork shop-ex Iowian that still gets his pork from there-I used to shop there &still do for certian things,anyhow find a pork & beef person that does that kinda thang,I bet there everywhere there.
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Jeremy, are they really as big as they look or is it just the camera angle?

by my approximate calculations the hog would've had to wiegh in somewhere aroung 3000# to yeild tenderloins the size of loins.
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Looks like a nice , CLOSE shot of some fine smoked pork tenderloin to me Glued .... great job ,they make excellent backbacon PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice, will eat real gooooooood
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I somehow overlooked the rest of this thread confused.gif

I gues it's just the camera angle. The cutting board is 20"x14"

These tenderloins do look big but they are everyday run of the mill tenderloins cryovaced from sams.
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