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Who remembers...

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Benny Hill? Passed wayy to young. A short reminder...
Click here to watch BennyHill-Pocodesejos
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Ahh yes! I always got a charge out of his show. Always some hot babes in his skits. I was told that the old man in some of his skits is his dad. There is just something about British comedy. Marty Feldman was another.
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Man, you really are old PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Hilarious show and he was talented.
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I used to love watching his show when I was younger......He was funny as hell..............
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Benny Hill was a funny son of a gun!! He liked messin' with the ladies!! Real funny... used to stuggle tryin' to stay awake long enough to see it.... then fall asleep 15 minutes after it came on....
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I loved watching Benny.
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Didn't like all his stuff, but he was a funny man! You sometimes had to work to understand the British sense of humor. You always stopped scanning channels to at least see what he was up to!
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