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First Brisket w/Q-View

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Thanks to all. Would not have had these results without all of your input.
I started that 7.6 lb brisket at 6:00am. Lots of TBS, because of my coffee can mod. GOSM maintained 230-245 through out the smoke. Added wood, hickory and apple, about every hour and a half. Two hrs into it, I added my two Fatties. One stuffed with onions & mushrooms. The other was straight up Jimmy D. They were done in two hrs. The brisket hit 170 at 2:00pm. In the oven foiled up and hit 195 at 4:00. Made a half batch of the Brisket finish sauce that was in the sticky. Very good.
Dinner at 5:30.
Thanks again
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RW Willy
Looks great !!! Your family should be impressed.
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I think they are?

My son said I was obsessed. Although he said between mouthfuls. Then added it was a good obsession. He is 13. All others were pleased as well.
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Looks damn good......Got to love the fatties.....Brisket looks great too...........Good job......
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yup RW after a few smokes we seem to be Special! grub looks good.
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Nice job man!
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Nice job...that smoker is way too clean, get back out there and smoke something else.
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Looks great, nice job.
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That's some mighty juicey looking brisket, I guess I missed dinner huh?
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