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Thread Starter nailed it so far , i learned a few day's ago from Richtee about pre-burning and damn if that dont cure the inferno , it just work's no questions works damn good infact !!!!
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and damn if the pre-burn teacher hadnt beat me to cubguy's response....the white smoke rich speaks of could very well be a steam burn off , aside that a 30 min soak buy's you maybe a 10 min window in a hot lump bowl before you become a mini stick burner......unless you are electric it's gonna catch fast !!!!
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no dis-respect to cubguy as a newbie i have tried and tried before i asked is all =D
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i must again thank everyone for the response's and input here , couldnt ask for more as far as lesson's this forum is like the holy-grail of smoke knowledge biggrin.gif
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OK let me preface by saying I am new to smoking but it seems odd to me after seeing so many modification that people do here to get the wood to start smoking sooner i.e. replacing the cast iron boxes and going with coffee cans or thin metal pans and getting the wood pan closer to the flame. Just curious then as to why would you soak the wood to delay the burn?
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Do you put a lid on the coffee can also?
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Looks like I better try preburning, No dis-respect taken jerkyaddict just throwing in what works for me.
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No lid on the can. Cut both ends off to make a tube and drill your holes. Toss a chunk or 2 in every now and then and voila...TBS PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I just lay mine right on top of the burning lump for best results.
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since ritchtee's advice of preburning i notice i'm not vent chasing as much to make or take away more heat , and i am still getting just enough smoke to i say this method is more a help then a hamper if you consider soaking for a few hour's to only have your chunk's catch fire anyhow....why not beat the beast to the bush and just do it first.....again i am a lumper and i know there are ten many way's of making nice thin smoke , but for my verticle this has thus far been the best resulted...and again i cant thank everyone enough for the input here it's all good !!!!!
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