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The Smitty's is in!

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New batch of the barely famous "6-15" has come in. Smitty wants 5 bux for a generous 3 Oz package. I'll want US postage to where ever ya are. It's another fine batch! I have a Paypal account or will take snail mail checks...PM me please if interested. :{) Wooo SCHH-PICY
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Phew...just took ANOTHER fingertip full for the taste. Ignoring the pain :{)
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I'll PM you ASAP.
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What is a Smitty?
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Sorry Mo think I got the links fixed now....sigh.
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TH, the stuff is great if you like heat!PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Just a bump for the pepper lovers. I really recommend this stuff!
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I am glad to see I wasn't the only one wondering...........Thanks for the explanation Richtee...........
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My pleasure- I use the stuff all the time... best I've had.
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Hell, the other day I was getting all excited about it and didn't even know what smitty's was. I ran out and told my wife, she thought I was getting fresh with her and told me to get lost. It sounds good I'll have to look it up on the threads you posted. Got some red jap powder I made last fall along with a bunch of stuff my sister sends from New Orleans.
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Yours is on the way, Ken. Anyone else? If ya like heat...you'll regret not trying it. Well no ya won't, cause you'll never know heh
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Just remember, the US govt does not like people mailing suspicious powders, especially when they make the dogs eyes burn.
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You have PM, I'm in for 3
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That's THEIR problem... I mean the dogs...
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I recieved my order of smitty's 6-15 today-did the tip of finger test,first thing I noticed was a very good flavor(very distinct flavor) allie thought Thai flavor-than it bit me-I love my hot spices & this was right up there- not as bad as some have said in the past-but than again this was just a few grains!I can't wait to do some hot wings with it-Allie loves Thai food & has some fave recipies she wants to use it in. Rich I want to thank you & Smitty for the abilty to purchase this wonderful mix of peppers,I asure U this won't be my last order-in fact please send me another 3 oz. before it runs out. I'm sure it will freeze well.Thanks again.(Bob).
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Got mine today and did a few dip tests. Has some decent heat to it and reminds me of the peppers I do but with a slightly different flavor. There's a smokey flavor/smell to it as well.

I'll add it to my collection, thanks. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Allie has a good tongue! Thai peppers figger big in the mix- Smitty let that slip after several beers my last visit. Weird buggers..they grow point up--in like a crown cluster...

Glad everyone is enjoying it! I am probably out..for now. Can get more tho I'm sure. There is an order pending for possible two bags. Will let yas know if any remains.
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ya she cajun as cajun gets-had a sprinkle on a red cabbage heart after Alot of tastes today-I can't see what this ain't gonna go with & ya we still have tounge & beers!hehe
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What is it?
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