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Loin & Bacon

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I am smoking a pork loin draped in bacon today, injected with garlic and are a couple of pics (hopefully you can view them) in the starting phase...more to come as the smoke progresses through the next few hours.

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Whoa.....sorry about the picture size....I need to get that fixed to a little smaller pixel resolution!
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You may be a little more pleased with the smokey flavor on the loin if ya expose a bit more of it. When I bacon wrap, I do it kinda like a candy cane red stripe. But then again..I usually pick most of it off about 3/4 way thru the smoke anyhow heh...
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Thanks Rich....I may give that a try, the last one I did like this tasted good but there was very little smoke flavor to it....that could be the reason!
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Looks damn good........... But I agree with Richtee spread out the bacon and you will get more smoke flavor.... Mine first fatty I wrapped with to much bacon and didn't get much smoke, but next one I spread out bacon and used less bacon and I got much better smoke flavor....
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Richtee has got it going' on. The man know his stuff.
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The "recipe" I am using calls for removal at 145 temp, wrap in foil for an hour...does that sound a little low for pork?icon_question.gif
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OK, first the photo easy fix. In the upload area of Photobucket, select the blue link OPTIONS. Here you want to select 800 x 600 or less. Your future photos should be a good size where members will not need to scroll right to see all the image.
145º seems a might low, but I actually pull it around 150º and then foil and let rest.
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Pull at 145 is OK too... if ya don't mind a bit of pink. It's gonna go to 150° during the rest. But I'm with Flash for my loins 150°.
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Thanks guys....I pulled at 150...presently resting in the foil...stomach is rumbling....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Phew! I was getting up to get the glasses off the shelves in case of an earthquake coming!
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