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The 12" Weston

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Just went thru 8 Lbs of smoked loin like a hot knife thru butter :{)
From some 3/4" slices for warming with mashed and gravy to about 3 lbs. of deli-thin sammie fodder.

For the money...excellent!

Do need to come up with a meat tray, and it's kinda a bear to clean. Will do some mods no doubt.
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Do you NOT have a camera??? icon_eek.gif
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I took a pict the other day with it and caught myself in a mirror. Broke it.
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Rich, did you ever end up bumping up the rpm's?....Still haven't got mine yet. icon_evil.gif
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Not yet...figgered I'd give it a workout first and see if it needed it. Jerky will be the test for that... the loin was well chilled and firm...no problem there.
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Here, Bubba

I just hate the crappy phone cam pix.

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slicer rpm??

glad to hear the slicer is working out. how would you increase rpm. motor?? different sized pulley?? just wondering.
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Most likely the drive pully would be easiest and most readily available, motor shafts being fairly standard.
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sounds good. i am supposed to get my slicer tommorow keeping fingers crossed. got a lot of work for it to do. hope this unit will work out, sure sounds like it should. sure sounds like a heck of a deal for $99.00. this company (weston). delayed my shipment due to quality assurance testing. if this is the case i give them alot of credit for shipping a proven product other than junk. not alot of companies out there anymore that will do this.
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They did the same thing to me. I ordered last Monday and they said I should have gotten it last Friday. I didn't so I called to make sure things were still good. They checked on and said it's shipping tomorrow (Monday) for the same reason, quality testing. So, for the price, etc., I can't complain.

Funny thing is, out of all of this, I got the President's extension, LOL. But, I'm doing a brisket today, actually two and would love to have the slicer.
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Thanks for the post Richtee. I am also waiting for my 12" to show up. Do you feel disassembly is required to clean unit every time? If you incorporate any mods please share with your SMF friends...icon_biggrin.gif
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But of course, Sir!
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Hey rich, Is this an exausted hermit crab with one of old flight caps on, or is this a pic using a phone cam of some freshly sliced pork loin?
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My Bro asked if a nun lost her hat... hahahhahaaha
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Glad you guys got a good deal on the slicers....Sounds like they are pretty good units.........
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I'm still waiting for mine to arrive too, thanks for the test drive Rich. I'm wondering how long I can keep this bacon hanging or if I should put it in the fridge....
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I'd fridge it,,,if only to make it easier to slice when the machine DOES get there..heh.
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slicer came today. i cut some raw top round (small piece) maybe 4lbs. i had decent luck with it but decided to put the rest of the pieces in the freezer for a couple of hours so i had to clean the unit in the mean time. there is alot more to cleaning this than i expected. richtee said it wasnt fun to clean there is a mod that i will do first thing. when i took the blade off to clean back behind it i noticed that below the blade on the base had a build up of raw meat on it there is only about a half inch between the blade guard and base making cleaning pretty difficult will be making something for this real soon. this is by no means what i would call a commercial grade food slicer but it does seem to do a pretty good job so far and a pretty darn good deal for the price.
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finished slicing top round for jerky pulled the meat out of freezer after about 2 hours could have stood a little longer. but anyhow that made all the difference in the world to get it firmed up more then slice this thing did a very good job at cutting and keeping a very consistant thickness that i rarely get from the butcher. cutting meat for jerky with this slicer was really easy after meat was cooled i must say i am impressed with this unit it does need some minor changes done as mentioned before but all in all it was put to the test (cutting jerky) and did a very good job.
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I happy to hear your info Q on your new slicers-heck sounds like SMF bought them out-I have a old(60ish) Rival that I love, a real die hard & ya cleaning is a pita,oil well-makes good meat.
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