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Chickens and Ribs (QView)

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Tried my first smoked chickens and ribs yesterday. Chickens were injected and rubbed night before and then beer canned and mopped during the smoke. Spare ribs were rubbed night before and then sprayed during smoke.

This is only the third time I've used this smoker so I'm still getting used to temp control. I started fire with a chimney of lump and then went with oak and hickory the rest of the way. I smoked the ribs for a while at about 205-220 and then put the chickens in and took it up to 245-270. I quickly learned the benefit of preburning wood. It was much easier to control temps and smoke when I added coals instead of fresh sticks.

Here is the pit after ribs were wrapped (sorry no early battery was dead)

Here's my makeshift preburn pit (I need to make a better one)

Closer view of pit. (The birds almost didn't fit sitting on beer cans)

Finished chickens:

Finshed ribs. (they were hard to get off pit because they were falling apart)

Made for a great meal. Couldn't have done it without this site. This place makes this it so much easier to learn. Thanks to all.
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Beautiful color on those birds. Like your choice of whiskey!
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Cool smoke! Good lessons learned. Great looking food. POINTS! Err.. tomarrow. Already out... Sigh.
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BRQUE, nice looking yard birds, and fall off the bone ribs. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Way to go.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Points for the great looking Q-Veiw.
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Congrats on a greaty smoke, and thanks for the Q View. Ribs and chix, they both rank up at the top for me.
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Dang good looking grub-great job!
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Nummy PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Double nummy on the whisky. I use that in my Bar-b-que sauce PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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DANG how did I miss a bottle of good bourbon too!?! Oy Vey!
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Great looking grub............Looks damn tasty................Good job................
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Those chicken sure looks nice the skin looks crispy. what was the temp when you pull them and what temp was smoker
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Cooking poultry standing up is the big secret man, the only way to go. Much quicker and mostly moist----yum!!

Great job!
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Left overs

Welder - I only had the smoker up to about 270 at the hottest so the skins were not crispy. I had ribs in there too so I didn't want to go too high. I pulled the chickens at 167.

Flash - I agree on the Bourbon. I used it in the spray and the sauce for the ribs. (plus a little taste or two for the cook!)

I just pulled out the leftovers to munch on for dinner. I smoked a few of the trimmings from the spares yesterday. I got lazy tonight and just ate them tasty.
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One good looking q-view. Job well done.
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