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Welcome Buffalo
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Welcome Bear. Your smoker is cool (except when your cooking on it icon_smile.gif ). Anyway, welcome.
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Hello, fellow WNYer! I'm from Silver Creek; just a bit southwest of you.
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Welcom aboard. I'm in Amherst. Been at the smokecraft long?
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Nope, just started four days ago! Already smoked a fatty, two Cornish hens, baby back ribs, and a salmon fillet though.
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Welcome I used to live in the Rochester area for my younger years. NY rules except for our crapy taxes,govenuer, high fule prices,cost of living and why did I say NY rulesicon_rolleyes.gif
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Yeah, NY has it's downsides, but we have... uh... hmm... I'll get back to you on that.
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Ya thats what I said!icon_rolleyes.gif
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well bearmore i just finished making the same rig an would realy like to learn some of fires. And how you start-up an how much it takes to get started an how you mantain your temp. Boy i'am glad i read your entry . thanks guy. smoking dutchman
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I built mine eight years ago, so I have some experience. I like to start my fires one to two hours before I put the food on. Open all dampers, the firebox door, and the lid for starting. I start 'em just like a fireplace or wood stove; paper, twigs, sticks, scrp lumber etc. This makes a nice bed of coals. I like to put two 20" long, 4" dia hickory logs on at this point. They usually burn slow and steady and maintain pretty even temperature. Look for a nice blue flame just licking the logs. I will crack the door to control airflow, and I try to check on it at least every half hour. It took me some practice to get a feel for it. I will open the lower damper on the left and the damper on the right stack while keeping the other two mostly closed while cooking. This makes heat and smoke travel left to right across the cooking chamber. I reccomend a disposable foil turkey roasting pan under your food, I had some grease fire early on. Apply some fireplace cement arond the flanges between the drums to keep grease from leaking out. It did on mine and it looks crappy. The cement didn't take on mine (too many uses before application). If your is new maybe you can prevent this. I never new anyone that had one besides me, let me know if you have any more questions. Good Smoking...
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I spent 10 years in buffalo before I came down here to FL. and I got to say hands down Buffalo is still my favorite town. Its got tons of History and a small town feel wrapped up in a pretty reliable public transportation system. Problem up there is polotics and crappy school systems or Id be right there right now.
Buffalo does have a fighting culinary spirit and some of the best sausage in these here states. There pizza grows on you(being born and breed on brooklyn pizza myself).
On the fifty million colleges in buffalo help to keep the spirit young. Great Town.
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I enroll my kids in catholic schools which are much better. I agree with you on the politics, our former governor led by example. I am, however, rather fond of the pizza. I have about 8 different pizza places near my house and each one is different and quite good. I don't think I've had Brooklyn style exept from Dominoes, and I don't know if that counts. Can't beat Salen's or Wardynski. Your welcome for wings. I hope you tried Duff's wings while you were here...
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