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Just Joined From Buffalo, NY

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We're not just wings and beef on weck up here. I built my own smoker with two 55gal drums. They sit one above the other with two smokestacks in between. The bottom drum holds the burning hickory, and the top drum contains the meat. I built it in 2001, and I've smoked briskets, racks of ribs, chicken, sausage, and turkeys. Pulled pork is awesome on it and smoked wings are worth the effort as long as a main piece is also being prepared. I'm thinking of acquiring a concession trailer in the future. The smoking season is a bit seasonal up here, but I don't think that I'd miss more than 3 months a year. Glad to be a member.
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Welcome!.....I would (and several others probably) would love to see pictures of that smoker, Sounds cool. If you have not, smoke a FATTY,
you won't regret it.
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Welcome to the smf....... Great site here and great people here too.... Would love to see some pics of your smoker...........
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WElcome to SMF! Glad to have you.
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Buffalo Smoker

I think I've attached some images of pork, pork ribs, sausage, and a full photo of the smoker.
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Nothing I could see as far as pics go? I think there
are some "lessons" for posting pics here online?..
Somebody with computer skills help me here. We look
forward to hearing & seeing from you!
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welcome to the site...also from buffalo area-west seneca......
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Man missed this too...gettin' old I guess.

Welcome to SMF Bear! I have seen that type smoker a few times... seems quite efficient. You burn all wood? If so, what do ya preburn in..or ya just get a nice bed going, add the meat and toss a chunk in now and then?
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Photos Again

I think they're attached now. I exceeded the file size the first time.
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I get a bed of coals going and add as I go. I have a friend with country property about an hour away, he supplies me with hickory.
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Bearmoe welcome to smf and may all your smokin adventures goo smoooooooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, sounds like you've ot the bug biting you. You'll enjoy interacting with the friendly folks who love to share smokes and Q Views.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Lots of friendly folks here with great tips,tricks,mods, and recipes!!
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Welcome to SMF.
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Good to hear I'm not the only WNYer here. I'm working at Delphi in Lockport. What kind of rig are you using?
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Thats quite the smoker you've got! And those be some fine lookin vittles you fixed too! You are lucky, all the free wood you wan't, that don't happen round here often. Good luck on the lunch wagon, let us know if it works out for ya!
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Bearmoe, Welcome to the site. I'm from the Buffalo area as well. (Lancaster) The cold does make smoking a little more challenging, but I'm planning to smoke 15# of pork ribs tomorrow.
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welcome Bearmoe

Welcome to smf, bear,...........make sure you put a pin in our sticky pushpin map so there's more of us western new yorkers showing pride.

If you want a taste of working some barbecue concessions you're more than welcome to come and work with me, and be sure and come down and visit the newly renovated restaurant we opened in Angola.

This forum is by far the most active, animated and informational forum around, you'll enjoy it.

Hope to "meat" you sometime.

shelly hunt
desperados barbecue & catering co
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NY Rules good to have ya I lived in Rochester area for years.
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