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Question about skin

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Quick question for you guys. Since we own a restaurant I always get all my meat from one of our distributors. Since they come twice a week timing is never a problem and I get all the prime beef I need. For some reason though they like to leave the skin on the pork shoulders, weather it’s a BB or full picnic but not on the pork for the sausage. For the last year I have just been leaving it on mainly because I had no place to find out if I should leave it or not. What I wanted to know was weather or not I should skin them when I’m making pulled pork?
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Most butts have fat on atleast one side, shoulders maybe alittle more. If yours come with even more than that, you may want to trim them some. I would want meat on one side atleast so bark can form better. Bark is good PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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It's not that it has alot of fat it's that it has the skin still on wraped all the way around. The only part that is exposed meat is where the shoulder was cut from the rest of the pig. I take off the skin after smoking and there is still a layer of fat that needs to be taken off before i get the the meat.
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Neens, I'm sure you can do it both ways. I like the skin off so that I get a nice bark on the meat. I love the taste of the bark chopped fine and mixed in with the pulled pork. Also, with the skin on your rub will not get to the meat. Best of luck.
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I'd pull it off. Gotta have the bark. And unless you are making cracklins or somehow using it, I'd tell the dist. to not include it, unless they jack the price up, of course.
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Thanks for the info guys skin off it is from now on then.
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Personally, I would leave the skin on until the product is cooked, this will reduce the amount of shrinkage you have during the smoking/cooking process.
Most Bi shoulder picinics will have the skin on, that is the way the slaughter houses produce them.
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I'm of the opinion skin off. I'm sure there will be a cost associated with bring them in that way but the difference will dictate whether you do it yourself or not.
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