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Baptisim for my new GOSM Big Block

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Well between my new Grandson and work it took me a week to produce some smoke but here it is. Did a season burn in of the smoker the night before with a rub down of used peanut oil from my turkey fryer. The started simple with a chicken using Jeff's rub. We did a 9 hour brine soak then butterflied the bird. Wow was it ever tasty and juicy. May actually cut down on the soak time for the brine next time. The foil packs were cut up red potatoes diced onion red-pepper garlic salt, pepper, cheese, butter and a little balsamic vinegar.
It's going to be a great summer.

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You are gonna like that GOSM. Easy to use and makes good Q right out of the box. It does not need any modification. I use playground sand instead of water in the pan, works great.
Keep those pics coming! wink.gif
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Looks great and sounds mighty tastey!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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FYI- poultry on the lowest rack of the smoker... contam issues with raw drippings. Great lookin' boid tho... how's the grandbaby and mom?
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Yeah .. you got to be careful about contaminating that foil ... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
That bird looks good butterflied ... reminds me of folks laying on the beach!
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Great lookin Q and smoke you've got going there. What Richtee said about chixs, lowest rack to be safe. Congrats on your first smoke, just one of many more.
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Try using pickle juice on chicken and your rub, the juice is a good brime
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Thanks for the good advice on the rack position. That's what I love about this place, always great information.

Mom and baby are doing fine, thanks for asking. We just returned from their house and took Great Grandma with us.
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Looks damn good...........Great job.........
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OK it COULD leak or it COULD be ABT's. Shoot me at dawn. But I warned 'em. Betting it was not thought of is all.
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My father once said, "Son ... yank their chain and they will come!"
Sorry Rich ... just having a bit of fun with ya .... icon_lol.gif
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Sigh...I'm easy.
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OK tell me why sand instead of water or juice?
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For increased heat retention/levels.
Evap'ing liquids remove heat from the system. Water's heat of evap is 540 Cals/Gm... that's ALOT of heat.
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but doesn"t using liguid also help in flavor plus the moister in it?
And what meats do you use it on? or do you use it on all?
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Arguable on the flavor. IF you use an aromatic type spice/concoction, some flavor will be imparted, but only thru condensation on the meat...which leads me to believe only during the early stages of the smoke, while the meat is cool enough to condense said aromatic vapors.
As far as moistness... the deal is the air in the smoker can only absorb x amount of water/moisture before becoming saturated. At the saturation point no more moisture will be taken up from the pan- OR THE MEAT. That's how that works... and it DOES help. But it's incorrect to think the water in the pan INCREASES moisture of the lessens it's evap is the deal.

Whatever ya like. On the drier types of meats...breasts, chops, etc. I use it.
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Thats what I like about this place you always learn something new or a different way to do something
Thanks a lot
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